The PCP pellet rifle

Powerful and practical, the PCP rifle uses pre-compressed air to propel the shot. Like the CO2 model, there is no need to lower the barrel or operate the cocking lever to fire. Its pre-compressed air storage chamber under the barrel allows multiple shots to be fired without the need to reload. Once empty, it can be refilled with a high-pressure compressor, a hand pump or a diving bottle.

An air rifle on sale up to 20 joules

Like the air and CO2 pellet rifle, the PCP is freely available up to 20 joules. Above this power, it joins the category C weapons and requires the presentation of various documents to be purchased. More complex than the other models, the PCP is intended for experienced shooters.

Available in 5.5 mm calibre

More common for this propulsion system, the 5.5 millimetre lead offers a good compromise between accuracy and distance. Moreover, it can take different shapes: flat, round, perforating...

Features of the PCP rifle

- Operation: pre-compressed air

- Firing: semi-automatic

- Accuracy decreases as the cylinder empties

- Loading method: the pre-compressed air is stored in a chamber under the barrel / insert the pellets directly into the cylinder which can contain several pellets / reload the magazine when it is empty

- Legislation: free sale for a power under 20 joules

- Calibre: 5.5 millimetres

- Price: From 350 euros

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