Choose your taser

The taser is a fashionable self defense weapon currently. Developed in the United States, and used by French police forces, it was for a long time a privileged tool to neutralize a physically imposing opponent in a non-lethal way. Over time, models of shockers have become democratized in order to be made available to civilians in an increasingly tense context.

The different models of shockers

Many models of shockers are available on the market. There are two main categories: the first, more interesting for civilians, consists of a weapon hidden in an object. We find for example the classic electric fist, flashlights, USB keys, rings and many other easily concealable objects. The second, more traditional, concerns tools with more common forms, more difficult to conceal and used by professionals.

Important criteria

The noise emitted by the object makes it a dissuasive weapon and will be an important criterion. It will also be necessary to check according to your objectives if the weapon is big enough to keep an opponent at a distance, or if it is preferable that the object is not visible in order to be able to surprise. These criteria will depend on the individuals and situations in which they can be found. When a girl is more likely to be in close combat with an individual on public transport or in an alley at night, the choice will be more easily made on a small object concealable while the professional during a mission to guarding will prefer to have an object in the form of a flashlight to maintain a safe distance from an unknown threat or the presence of a sharp or blunt weapon.

The legislation

The classification of weapons has changed recently. Indeed, it now sports the letters from A to D. The weapons are so classified according to their dangerousness and category D which is reserved for arms sold freely or subject to registration concerns our shockers and other devices with electrical impulses. Like any category D weapon, wearing is strictly forbidden to civilians. If it is necessary to move between his home and the place where the shocker is used, it must be placed so that it is not directly accessible. This is an essential criterion used by the police in case of control. It will also be necessary to be able to justify the presence of the object in its bag. The confiscation of the weapon will be at the discretion of the law enforcement officer. Risks (health)

The health risks are actually minimal.

Indeed, the exceptional use of the tool on a healthy individual will present virtually no risk. This is less the case when the person is cardiac or is in possession of a pacemaker. The simple noise generated by the electric impulse of the taser can cause in extremely rare cases a cardiac arrest.