Choose your taser

The taser is a currently fashionable self-defence weapon. Developed in the United States, and used by the French police force, it has long been a privileged tool for neutralising a physically imposing opponent in a non-lethal manner. Prohibited to private individuals, the "authorised taser" to civilians is in fact a less powerful electric shocker that works differently. As the brand and the word Taser are increasingly being used in the media worldwide, they have now become synonymous with the word electric shocker. When you buy a taser in France, you are in fact buying a shocker.

What are the different models of shockers ?

Many models of shockers are available on the market. There are two main categories: the first, more interesting for civilians, consists of a weapon concealed in an object. Examples include the classic electric fist, flashlights, USB keys, rings and many other easily concealable objects. The second, more classic, concerns models with more common shapes, more difficult to conceal and used by professionals.

Taser torch

Taser torch / 1 000 000 volts
Led 80 lumens normal or flashing mode
Supplied with charging cable, cordura case and
electrode cap

Taser torch


Classic Taser / 500 000 volts
Operates on two batteries
Shocker equipped with a circuit breaker safety strap and belt clip

Electric Taser

taser ring

Taser ring / 2 000 000 volts
Supplied with USB charging cable
Quick activation of the electric arc by a simple closing of the hand

Taser ring

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing a model ?

The noise emitted by the object makes it a dissuasive weapon and will be an important criterion. Depending on your objectives, you will also have to check whether the weapon is large enough to keep an opponent at a distance, or whether it is preferable that the object is not visible so that it can surprise. These criteria will depend on the individuals and the situations in which they may find themselves. When a girl is more likely to find herself in hand-to-hand combat with an individual on public transport or in an alley at night, the choice will be more likely to be a small, concealable object, while the professional on a security mission will prefer to have an object in the form of a torch to maintain a safe distance in the face of an unknown threat or the presence of a sharp or blunt weapon.

Which power to choose ?

The power of the electric shocker is generally between 500,000 and 5,000,000 volts. As with all electrical devices, the higher the voltage, the more damage the defence weapon will do. In any case, even if you choose a 1,000,000-volt shocker, you can be sure that it will be effective on an aggressive individual. If you feel more reassured by high power, opt for high power !

What does the taser legislation say ? 

The classification of weapons has changed recently. Weapons are now classified according to their dangerousness and category D, which is reserved for weapons sold freely or subject to registration, concerns our shockers and other electrical impulse devices. As with all category D weapons, carrying is strictly forbidden to civilians. If it is necessary to travel between one's home and the place where the shocker is used, it is necessary to place it in such a way that it is not directly accessible. This is an essential criterion used by law enforcement in the event of a check. It will also be necessary to be able to justify the presence of the object in its bag. Confiscation of the weapon will be at the discretion of the law enforcement officer.

Type of taser



Classic Taser and pocket taser


Free + 18 years old

Taser lamp


Free + 18 years old

Electric truncheon


Free + 18 years old

What are the health risks ?

The health risks are actually minimal. Indeed, the exceptional use of the tool on a healthy individual will present practically no risk. This is less the case when the person has a heart condition or is in possession of a pacemaker. The simple noise generated by the electrical impulse of the taser can cause cardiac arrest in extremely rare cases.

How is it different from a police taser ?

Unlike the stocker, which emits an electric shock, the taser used by the police uses wires and probes to paralyse the assailant. You have probably already seen videos of French or foreign law enforcement agencies using this pistol-shaped weapon. When the trigger is pulled, electrodes are ejected and then remain attached to the individual.

In addition to the method of operation, this type of taser is also more powerful and therefore potentially lethal. For this reason it is classified as a category B weapon. There is much debate about the use of this type of weapon which can cause death if not handled correctly.

What are the characteristics of the X26 Taser ?

The model used by the French national police and gendarmerie is the X-26 Taser. Some municipal police officers also use it.

This taser can be loaded with three types of cartridges of different power levels. After use, they are recharged electrically. The Taser X-26 used by French law enforcement is also equipped with a special camera that allows video and sound recording during each use.

It can be used in cases of self-defence, legitimate constraint and in a state of necessity.

Note : In the USA, this weapon can be legally held by individuals in 46 states.

Women's taser / men's taser : what are the differences ?

Some people are looking for a taser for women. But what does this really mean ? There is no difference between a woman's and a man's model. Any weapon can be used by both sexes ! In a distant imagination, perhaps the female model should be pink or glittery. At the Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop, you will find both light and dark tasers suitable for anyone who wants to defend themselves.