Pocket shocker

Even if it is small in size, the pocket shocker is no less formidable ! This an effective defense weapon can be equipped with a dazzling flash light or take the form of a key ring. Simply press a button to project its electric arc and immobilize the assailant. Available over the counter for those over 18 years of age, the electric shocker is equipped with a lanyard that prevents the assailant from turning the weapon against you.

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How to use a pocket taser ?

The pocket shocker is used in the same way as a larger model. To try and scare the assailant, you first press its ON button. An electric arc and a shrill noise are then triggered. By advancing the pocket taser in his direction, he may become frightened and leave. If this is not enough, the attacker must be touched while pressing the same ON button. The electric shock will paralyze him for several minutes. Obviously, the stronger the voltage and the longer the discharge, the greater the paralysing effect.

Please note: depending on the model, the store may be equipped with a second button that activates the lamp function, which can be either flash or fixed. The flash lamp makes it possible to dazzle the aggressor.

Is the pocket taser legal ?

Like all the electric fists available in the armoury, the pocket models are on sale over the counter for people of legal age. They are classified in category D-2 and do not require any proof of purchase (except for an identity card). However, it is forbidden to carry or transport them without a legitimate reason. The reason given in the event of a check will be accepted or not by the police.

What is the most powerful pocket taser ?

Currently, the most powerful pocket shocker on the armoury has a voltage of 4,000,000. Be aware that models with a lower voltage are just as effective.