Bombe de défense 25 ml Gel - Red Pepper
  • Bombe de défense 25 ml Gel - Red Pepper

Devil Defender self defence spray - Red pepper Gel

Reference : E025

DEVIL DEFENDER sprays offer a new young and modern design.
The formula is based on irritating red pepper, permiting a very precise dipersion of the product.
The agressor is immeidately neutralized. The active ingredient is the same as the one used by the police.
The sprays Devil Defender are totally made in France : from formula to packaging. 
Available in 25 or 50 ml (choose below)


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System : Red Pepper Gel
Indoor use advised

Available in 2 volume : 25 or 50 ml (choose up)

Dimensions :

- Diameter : 1'' in 25ml - 1 1/3" in  50ml
- Height : 4 1/2'' in 25ml - 4 1/2" in  50ml
- Weight : 37g in 25ml - 74g in 50ml

Discharge length : 2 / 3  m for the 25 ml,  5 / 6 m for the 50 ml

The sprays are in accordance with french law. Pepper gel formulas are considered as D category weapons. The selling, buying and possession of defense sprays, classified or not, are authorized to any person + 18 years old. Carriage and transport of a classified spray are totally forbidden.

Active agent
25 ml
50 ml
D category equipment (free sale over 18 years old)
Bombe lacrymogène

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