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The origin of the adventure, Oliver Fisher Winchester, is not a cowboy. He is a shirt maker when he invests his money in the Volcanic company of New-Haven, specialized in the manufacture of firearms. He became president in 1857 and became the main shareholder.Winchester because he could not assert his weapons with the army, this situation turned out to be a godsend because it forced him to turn to other markets (export and sales to individuals) which would remain good opportunities when the war was over. After the Civil War, Oliver Winchester took full control and named his company Winchester Repeating Arms Company.He modulated production and asked that the new weapons be lightweight (less than three kilograms) and no longer at a stroke. he also relied on safety with metal cartridges that were more reliable than paper ones. It also introduces the stop detent to avoid stray bullets. It refines mixtures of mercury powder and mercury fulminate to improve the propulsion of projectiles. He produced striped barrels to refine the precision of the shots from 1860.
In 1861, Henry developed the breech loading, by integrating a 10-ball magazine.
He thus created the first repeating rifle without a barrel. The success was immediate with cowboys and gold diggers.He made the Henry Rifle evolve into the first Winchester rifle, the famous Winchester 1866 model known as Yellow Boy. This model used center-fire ammunition, an efficient loading magazine, it was a huge success with more than 100,000 pieces sold between 1866 and 1873.
Another very popular model was released in 1873, the Winchester model 1873. These two weapons were both known as Gun That Won the West.
From 1883, John Moses Browning sold his patents to the company and helped design many models, some of which are still in production today. Winchester 94. This one, practical and handy, became the weapon of the Hollywood western. Regardless of the year in which the film is made, all film or television westerns wear it in their saddlebags.
We sell superb copies of Winchester brand weapons made under license from the brand in alarm, air-soft or compressed air versions.

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