How to choose a tear gas canister?

Composed of natural or chemical substances and available in many formats, the defense bomb, often called tear gas can, is chosen according to its use. It is generally offered in the form of a small bottle ranging from 17 ml to 75 ml.

The pepper bomb

The pepper spray contains natural active ingredients called Oleoresin Capsicum. The capsicum can be composed of several extracts: pepper, paprika, chilli. When they reach the mucous membranes, the respiratory tract and the eyes, these substances cause burning sensations and paralyze the aggressive individual.

Only used outdoors, the pepper spray gas is perfect to face several assailants at a time. Volatile, it is strongly discouraged to project it in a closed place. The user may also be affected by the gas.

Ideal to fight against a single assailant, the pepper gel is used indoors or outdoors. Thicker, the gel turns into liquid when it comes into contact with the aggressor's skin. It attaches to it and does not disperse into the room. To be effective, the gel must therefore touch the respiratory tract or the skin.

The pepper bomb is also effective against dangerous animals. It keeps on average for two years.

The CS bomb

The CS bomb consists of a very powerful chemical agent named Orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile. Victim of suffocations, tears and burns, the aggressor is paralyzed immediately and for about thirty minutes. Irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory tract, this chemical causes eye closure, inability to move and burning sensations when it reaches the nerve endings.

CS gel is used in the same way as pepper gel. CS gas is used in the same way as pepper gas. On the other hand, the CS bomb is ineffective against dangerous animals and keeps on average for 5 years.

Pepper spray

the tear gas is banned for sale, but the name bomb lachrymos or tear bomb persists. You have to understand that every time you think of buying a tear gas bomb, you are actually acquiring a CS pepper or gas defense bomb.