How to choose your arrow?

Available in many materials and sizes, the arrow is essential for practicing archery. Not adapted to the weapon or to the level of the user, it may decrease the precision of the archer and make him miss his target. The arrow is chosen according to the length, the type of arc, the composition and the material that constitutes it.

The extension

The extension is defined as the distance between the notch point of the arrow on the string and the handle of the arc. In order to be able to measure it, it is necessary to be equipped with a standard graduated arrow. The archer moves into the firing position and a second person leaves a mark on the arrow 2.5 centimeters ahead of the shepherd's axis. The shepherd button is a component of the bow used to cushion the arrow during its propulsion.

To measure the firing power, a Peson must then be obtained. Also called weighbridge, it is available in shooting clubs.

Once the length and the firing power are determined, it is sufficient to refer to the table transmitted by the manufacturer of the bow to discover the type of arrow corresponding best to the archer.

The type of arc

The arc can be Recurve, Compound or Long Bow. Each type requires the use of specific arrows. Once the type of arc is determined, it is up to the user to choose the material of the arrows according to his shooting power and his budget.

The composition of the arrow

The arrow consists of a tube, a steel point, a notch and three feathers. The tip, the notch and the feathers are chosen according to the level of the archer. He can ask for help from his shooting club coach.

The material of the boom tube

The tube can be made of wood, carbon, aluminum or a mixture of aluminum and carbon. The wooden tube is intended for arrows for Long Bow or Recurve arches specially designed for hunting. Composed of a natural material, they have a much shorter lifespan than arrows made of a metallic material.

Lighter, the carbon tube makes it possible to manufacture solid arrows with the capacity to travel long distances without deteriorating. They are a very good investment in the long term.

Solid, the aluminum tube is ideal for developing light and easy-to-handle arrows for beginners. They are used for shooting short or medium distances.

The arrows made up of a layer of carbon and an aluminum layer are both light and solid while having the ability to travel long distances without deforming. They combine the advantages of carbon and aluminum.