How to target accurately?

Archery is an activity that requires a lot of precision and concentration. In order to aim for the best, it is recommended to pay attention to certain elements: the steering eye, the firing position and the position of the arrow.

The Leader

Corresponding to the most skilled hand, the steering eye allows to define whether the archer is left-handed or right-handed. To determine the directional eye, it is sufficient to stand in front of the coat of arms, to stretch out the left arm and close the left eye.

If he is aiming with the right eye, he is a right-handed archer. He holds the bow with his left hand and pulls the rope with his right hand. Conversely, if he is aiming with the left eye, holding the bow with his right hand and pulling the rope with his left hand, it is a left-handed archer. The definition of the eye steering is the first step to make to aim accurately!

The firing position

To be sure that you are aiming for the right one, it is important to adopt the right position. Necessary to progress as an archer, it is characterized by the placement of the feet and the rest of the body. The archer must position himself on the "line of fire": marking on the ground indicating the location on which he must place his feet.

The latter must be parallel and in the direction of the target. To properly shoot with the bow, it is essential to be stable and still. In order not to lose the balance, it is necessary to equitably distribute its weight on both feet and maintain a straight posture. This method makes it possible to carry out a controlled gesture during arming and firing of the arrow.

The position of the arrow

Once the steering eye and firing position are determined, all that remains is to learn how to place the arrow on the bow and adjust the rope. The arrow consists of three feathers. One of them is of a different color.

It is called the cock feather. It is positioned perpendicular to the arc shooting window. Once the arrow is correctly placed on the rope, the arc must be straightened to the center of the target. The chord of the bow must reach the chin. Often, it is placed in the middle of the latter or on the side of the jaw. Do not be afraid to hold the bow close to your body. Indeed, when the right position is adopted, the rope touches the nose and the mouth.