How to practice archery safely?

Often considered as a leisure activity, archery must respect certain safety rules. To avoid accidents, you must respect the shooting range, check your arrows and take care of your equipment.

The firing zone

Archery must always be carried out in a secure and regulatory environment. It is for this reason that it is generally practiced in club. In this place, the archer can train to shoot and aim in peace. The targets are installed within a specified perimeter called the firing range. Before firing, it is necessary to ensure that the area is completely free. No one should be there! When the archers remove their arrows from the target, it is important to check that all are back on the line of fire before recommending to shoot.

Targets placed in the firing area must be fixed and placed on an easel specially designed for this purpose. It is forbidden to place them against a door, wall or tree. Targets may be unstable and the arrows may cause physical damage.

The arrows

Archers must check their archery equipment and more specifically their arrows. Of course, they must also be careful not to shoot until all the archers are well behind the line of fire. When the archer pulls his first arrow, he must aim at the firing range. It should not be drawn vertically (in the air). Indeed, when firing horizontally, it can miss the target but it can be sure that the arrow will fall into the firing zone. Conversely, when flying vertically, it can not know where the arrow will fall ... To avoid accidents, it is also not advisable to run with the arrows.

When the archers go to the targets to remove them, they must be careful not to hurt anyone or to degrade the equipment. To remove the arrow, just use one hand while pressing the target with the other. It is also necessary to check that nobody is behind. And of course, it is forbidden to aim at another person with his bow even if he is not loaded!


The equipment used for archery must be adapted to this activity. To avoid problems and ensure the safety of all, it must of course be maintained regularly. Damaged or inadequate equipment can be a problem. You have to choose your arrows carefully and at the right size. Indeed, too short arrows may fall from the arrowhead during shooting and cause injury to the arm or hand. The rope must never be dropped without an arrow.

So the archer is in charge of his own safety. During the whole activity, he must put on protections suitable for the practice of this sport: arm guards, palette and bracelet. They prevent painful rubbing and injury. The archer must also wear protective clothing that protects the bust.