How to choose your bow?

It is sometimes difficult to choose one's bow especially when one begins in the discipline. To help you see more clearly, here are some tips.

Three types of arches are available

- The classic arc also called recurve is obviously the most popular. Its body can be removable or monobloc. If it is removable, it is made almost all the time of aluminum. If it is monobloc, it consists of wood. The removable model is more rigid. It also makes adjustments much more accurate than with the monobloc model. The classic bow is intended for beginners and professionals. Experts will tend to choose an arch with a removable body. Indeed, if it is used for the competition, its setting will be more precise.

- The pulley bow also called compound is perfect for carrying out very powerful shots. Its design allows to generate 60% more power compared to the large arc (below). Used for hunting or target shooting, its handle is usually made of metal. Intended for beginners and experts, it also allows to participate in sports competitions.

- The great bow also called long bow is quite simple and ordinary. Like the first models, it consists of a single block and straight branches. Basic, handle is no frills. There is neither an arrow nor a window. This model is intended for individuals who know how to master both archery and how to arrange the arrow to achieve optimal fire.

User Type Use
Classical Beginner and expert Leisure and competition
Pulley Beginner and Expert Leisure, Hunting and Competition
Grand arc Expert Leisure and competition

Two major archery disciplines

The two best known practices of archery are target shooting and instinct shooting.

- Target firing requires concentration and precision. Practiced regularly, it allows to acquire a good level and to achieve good scores. The goal is to shoot as many arrows as possible in the center of the target. The classical bow and the pulley arc are generally selected for this discipline.

- Shooting instinct is intended for experts having acquired an excellent level. Practiced with a large bow, the shooter must touch a moving target or not. Without a sighting system, the long bow allows shooting as in the past. This method is similar to that used by former hunters.

Practical User Arc
Target Shooting Beginner and Expert Classic and Pulley
Instinctive shot Expert Large bow

Two powers

- The arc of great power also called arc strong allows to shoot arrows with precision and rapidity. Ideal for shooting long distances, it is necessary to be physically fit to be able to handle it. The strong arc requires much more effort! Of course, it is intended for experienced people.

- The low power arc also called weak arc is intended for beginners. Its arrows being much less powerful, it is necessary to be closer to the target to be able to touch it. It is ideal for learning to shoot and adopt a good technique.

Be careful, if you are a beginner, turn to a weak arc. Even if you think you have enough strength to master a strong bow! Indeed, by choosing this power, you can tire yourself very quickly, make many errors and ultimately discourage you.

User Power Usage
Forte Expert Shooting long distances
Low Beginner Shooting at short distances

Two lengths

- The long arc is more stable and more flexible than the short arc. Its reactivity is much slower. This is a significant disadvantage for shooting long distances.

- Short arc is used for shooting long distances. Despite its speed of shooting, it is much less flexible and more unstable than the long bow. To master it, it is necessary to carry out long hours of training and to be extremely concentrated.

Length Advantage Disadvantage Use
Long Stable, flexible Slow reactivity Shooting over short distances
Short Fast Steady, unstable Shooting long distances