How to store black powder?

The black powder is also called gunpowder. It consists of a mixture of sulfur, saltpetre and charcoal. It was developed in China during the Tang Dynasty.

In France, black powder is sold in plastic bottles of 500g or 1kg. Its use is highly regulated. For reasons of safety, it is forbidden to possess more than 2kg of black powder at home. It is highly flammable.

Some precautions for storage and use

- The powder must always be stored in its original container, protected from heat and moisture.

- It is forbidden to store it in a metal container. In the event of an explosion, it can turn into a real grenade. Also, do not place the powder in the car or in direct sunlight.

- When handling, smoking is prohibited or near a source of heat. After handling, it is recommended to wash your hands before using a heat source (cooker, lighter ...).

- It is also advisable to label all cans of powder by specifying its type and provenance.

- Finally, it is forbidden to mix several kinds of powders.

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