How does a silencer work?

The silencer is also called sound moderator. It is a device placed on the barrel of a firearm, compressed air or gas. Its objective is to reduce noise during shooting and to be more discreet. To adapt to the barrel, the silencer takes the form of a cylindrical tube.

sound moderator When shooting, the silencer for rifle or pistol eliminates the noise of the detonation and the flash of light at the exit of the barrel of the weapon (the mouth). The performance of this device is very variable. They depend on the weapon and the type of muffler. However, the sound of the shot is always clearly attenuated. It is perceived as much more remote. Due to the deformation of the sound and the absence of flash, it is impossible to recognize the type of weapon used and to locate the firing point.

The inner walls of the muffler are very undulating. This allows the air to be choked. During the shooting, the ball loses speed. When it is expelled, the pressure is less strong and the noise loses its intensity.

The silencer can not decrease the firing sound of the revolver and the rifle. In the first case, the barrel mechanism does not allow it to attenuate the detonation noises. In the second case, the ball exceeds the speed of the sound and thus creates a large "bang" that the muffler can not attenuate. 

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