The Heckler & Koch USP pistol

Designed by the German firm Heckler & Koch, based in Obendorf, the HK USP pistol is a recent model. Launched in 1993, it replaced the P7. Unlike many models on the market, this semi-automatic is not an improvement of a pre-existing model but a weapon with an entirely new design. The HK USP is available in different versions and can be fired with different calibres of ammunition.

A gun designed for the US market

It was in the late 1980s that the German firm decided to produce a new range of semi-automatic pistols. Its development is directly correlated to the American market.

Indeed, in the United States, in 1987, USSOCOM was launched, a service of the Department of Defense in charge of training special forces destined to carry out missions in various fields of operation. This organisation set up specific criteria for the armed equipment of its units, which Heckler & Kock used to develop its new range of firearms.

Various prototypes were produced until 1992. After a phase of testing, reworking and improving the design, the USP was born and ready to be marketed. This was done at the beginning of 1993.

Innovation in a nutshell

The USP is the result of Heckler & Koch's experience and innovation since its foundation in 1949. Some aspects of the HK USP semi-automatic are inspired by previous models designed by the firm. The design, which makes it a compact handgun with an excellent grip, is not unlike that of the M1911. The USP also benefits from the single-press hammer decocking system already present on the P7. The breech and trigger mechanisms are reminiscent of the P9S and VP70Z respectively.

In addition to these features all in the same weapon, the use of polymer as the main material was a first for the brand. Light, flexible and resistant to all temperature variations, this material is at the origin of a major advance in the design of weapons.

Technical specifications

The HK USP is a mechanically locked semi-automatic pistol. It uses a short recoil system. A mechanism designed to reduce the effect of recoil felt by the shooter by 30%, regardless of the calibre used. The HK USP pistol can fire a very large number of rounds without any wear marks.

In high or low temperatures, in mud or in water, nothing can affect its operation. Thanks to the polymer, it is a handgun that does not suffer from oxidation. Depending on the model, it weighs between 750 grams and 1180 grams when empty. It can be chambered in 9 mm parabellum, 357 SIG, 40 S&W or 45 ACP. A top-of-the-range handgun, which combines flawless reliability, ease of carrying and transportation, and versatility.

A world famous weapon in popular culture

Thanks to all the advantages listed above, although the HK USP pistol in its various variants was initially designed to meet American requirements, it soon aroused great interest throughout the world. Germany, the country of origin, equipped the Bundeswehr with this weapon as early as 1994 under the name P8. The HK USP semi-automatic can be found on all continents. In Australia, Japan, Algeria, Mexico...

In France, the airborne search groups use the USP Tactical. The parachute commandos are equipped with the USP and USP compact, among other examples.

At the same time, the USP can be found in many aspects of popular culture. In video games, different versions of the USP can be found. The USP 45 in "Call Of Duty", the P8 in "Resident Evil 5" to name a few famous titles. In the cinema, it appears in the various episodes of the "Tomb Raider" franchise. On television, the USP is the weapon of Captain Jim Brass in "Les experts". The USP can also be found in the series "Sons of Anarchy" and "24 Hours". A symbol of both modernity and strength, it ticks all the boxes.

The replicas available on the gun shop

At Jean Pierre Fusil, we offer several replicas of the HK USP. These are pellet guns used for leisure. These models are classified in category D and therefore on sale to adults.

HK USP 3 Joule CO2 pellet gun

HK USP 3 Joule CO2 pellet gun
Caliber : 4.5 mm

HK USP 3 Joules

CO2 pellet gun HK USP blowback

HK USP 1.8 Joule CO2 pellet gun
Caliber : 4,5 mm / Blowback

HK USP 1,8 Joule