How to make a slingshot ? 

Do you have the soul of a Bart Simpson, Tom Sawyer or Denis la Malice? Would you like to reach into your back trouser pocket and pull out a slingshot? We'll show you how to make one !

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The equipment

- a Y-shaped branch with an angle of at least 30 degrees
- a latex elastic band
- a strip of leather
- dental floss

- a knife
- a saw

The manufacture of the sling

• First of all, find a solid tree such as an oak, maple, ash or dogwood. Locate a branch that might be suitable, paying attention to the minimum 30 degree angle. If you're lucky, you'll find it on the ground, otherwise you'll have to saw it off! Cut the branch into a larger size. If necessary, you can always shorten it, but not lengthen it! Then remove the small branches to keep only the Y.

• Place the branch in a cloth and microwave it several times for 30 seconds on high power. Repeat until the wood stops whistling. This method removes moisture. Damp wood is too soft and not strong enough for a sling frame. It may bend when you pull on the rubber bands.

• With the knife, carve two notches at the same height in both ends of the Y. Leave a few centimetres of wood at the ends. They will be used to fix the rubber bands.

• Cut the rubber band into two equal pieces. Remember that the shorter they are, the more powerful the shots will be.

• Wrap the end of the rubber band over the notch and leave a little material protruding. Secure the excess to the same elastic band using dental floss. Tighten as much as possible and cut the floss. Repeat the operation with the other rubber band on the other end of the wood.

• Cut out a rectangle / square of leather strip approximately 10 x 10 centimetres. Then cut the four corners of the strip to create an octagon.

• Drill a hole in the two side ends of the band and then pass the two elastic bands through them. As with the fixing of the elastic bands in the notches in the wood, use dental floss to finish your slingshot.

• After the first shot, you may need to adjust the length of your elastic bands.

Go deeper into the subject with the brief history of the slingshot

The slingshot is an essential object for all cultures and generations.

The first modern slingshot was created in the 1800s following the invention of vulcanised rubber (1839). Boys used tubes from old rubber tyres to make the slingshot's catapulting belt.

It was then democratised at the end of the Second World War where it was offered in shops. No more need for patience and elbow grease to make it, all you had to do was pay to use it immediately.

At that time, 80% of sales were made by adult males who used the slingshot for hunting and club competition.

Today, there are a multitude of variations of the slingshot: from the most classic model to the one with a laser sight to hit its target every time! At the Jean Pierre Fusil armoury, we offer a dozen slingshots. If you are not a handyman, you can always order it!

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