The telescopic sight

The scope is fixed directly to the barrel of the weapon by means of a rail system. This makes aiming easier, as it is no longer necessary to align the sight, the sights and the target to shoot well. With it, all you have to do is align the reticle and the target before pulling the trigger! Available in many models, this accessory can be chosen according to your needs. Several technical characteristics are also to be taken into account: diameter of its objective, reticle, twilight index, magnification and mounting.

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What do the numbers on the rifle scope stand for ?

The scope is always associated with: a number or two, an X and another number. To see more clearly, let's take these two examples : 4x20 and 3-12x42.

When there is only one digit before the X: the magnification is fixed.
4x20 : with the telescope, the target will appear 4 times closer than with the naked eye.

When there are two digits : the magnification is variable.
3-12x42 : with the telescope, the target may appear 3 to 12 times closer than with the naked eye.

Variable magnification is the most common on the market. Convenient, it adjusts according to the distance at which the target is placed. The zoom adjustment is easily made by a knob on the bezel. The simpler fixed magnification is only used when you know the distance between your position and the target.

The second digit after the X is the diameter of the exit lens of the bezel. The higher it is, the wider the field of vision and the brighter the bezel.
4x20: the diameter is 20 millimetres. 3-12x42: the diameter is 42 millimetres.

What is a reticule?

The reticle is the shape you see when you look through the telescope. The most popular, simple and effective is the classic crosshair : two intersecting lines. The crosshairs are used to point the target and are available in many other shapes. It can be chosen according to your needs: leisure shooting or sport shooting, at long or moderate distance, on fixed or moving targets, in good or bad light conditions...

Conversely, the illuminated one is suitable for shooting in the dark. It usually takes the form of a red or green dot.

At Jean Pierre Fusil, we mainly propose you glasses with a 30x30 reticle. Suitable for many shooters, it is considered as a passe-partout. We also provide you with Mil-Dot reticles for more tactical shots and with a light point for use in the dark.

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How is the twilight index calculated?

The twilight index is only to be taken into account if you have to shoot in low light conditions (early morning, twilight). It is calculated as follows: square root of the magnification multiplied by the diameter of the lens. The higher the result obtained, the more effective the scope will be in the dark.

4x20 : √4x20 = 8.94
3-12x42 : √3x42 = 11.22 / √12x42 = 22.45

The twilight index is a simple theoretical calculation. Other factors are taken into account in the quality of the eyewear: type of lens, polishing, treatment coatings...

How to mount a scope on a pellet rifle ?

Most riflescopes from our online armoury are supplied with mounting claws. They can be fixed on all rifles: 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm caliber... Measuring 11 millimetres wide, they fit directly on the barrel of the weapon.

When they are delivered without, you will have to choose :
• fixing clamps, taking into account the diameter of the bezel body (25.4 and 30 millimetres are the most common), 
• mounting claws depending on the width of the barrel rail (11 and 21 millimetres are the most common),
• the height of the mount taking into account the model of your rifle (e.g. if it is equipped with a fibre optic sight on the tip of the barrel, you will have to prefer a high mount so as not to have the fibre when you look through the scope).

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