What do you need to know about the telescopic baton ?

The telescopic baton is similar to the telescopic baton. It's just a different term for the same object. The telescopic baton is therefore a self-defence weapon that is used by law enforcement and some individuals to defend themselves at home. It generally consists of three elements: a sheathed handle and two deployable segments. When the stick is not in use, the segments are retracted and stored inside the handle.

How to use t ?

Fold out the telescopic stick

Hold the stick by the handle and lower it with a quick movement. The segments will stretch and lock automatically. The faster the movement, the more effective the locking of the segments will be! You will not need to pull them out again with your hand.

Close the telescopic baton

Press the end of the stick on a solid surface (table, floor...) and lower it perpendicularly, without forcing it. Avoid soft surfaces, which can be damaged by the end of the stick, and dirty surfaces, which can bring dirt inside and damage its operating system.

What are the different models available?

The telescopic pole is available in several sizes, materials and colours.

• The most popular sizes are 16 inches (= 40 centimeters), 21 inches (= 53 centimeters and 26 inches (= 66 centimeters).
• The materials that can make it up are hardened or not steel, nylon or polycarbonate.
• The colours offered are generally black or silver (colour of nickel-plated steel).
• Some models can be equipped with a rubber ball at their end, allowing to increase the pain of the blow. Or take an unusual shape such as a pen or key ring.

Below, our most popular models :

Rigid telescopic truncheon nickelee

Rigid telescopic steel truncheon
Deployed length : 51 centimetres
Non-slip rubber grip / black cordura case
"1st price defense stick that is extra" Pierre H

Cheap telescopic baton

Pirahna telescopic baton

Discreet telescopic stick Pocket pen
Deployed length: 32 centimetres
Made of treated steel / titanium finish / 4 accessories
"Ideal size for pocketing" Valerian L

Telescopic stick Piranha

Nylon telescopic stick

Rigid telescopic stick made of nylon
Available in three lengths: 43, 55, 67 centimetres
Hand strap / black cordura case
"Really beautiful" Zaki

Nylon telescopic stick

However, our best-selling defense stick is not telescopic but just as effective since it is the electric baton Electro Max Shock X Trem. At the same time a truncheon, shocker and flashlight, it emits an electric arc of 8,000,000 volts.

What does the legislation say about the telescopic baton ?

Like the taser or tear gas can, the telescopic baton is a category D weapon. It is available over the counter for those over 18 years old, but its wearing and transport are strictly prohibited. It is used for home defence.

The people who can carry it, transport it and in which case use it outdoors are gendarmes, police officers, members of the prison administration, SNCF and RATP police forces.