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HANWEI PAUL CHEN - Practical Shinobi Ninja-To

Reference : M130

The Ninja’s favorite sword, shorter than the katana and with a straight blade, the Shinobigatana or Ninja-To was suitable for close combat and ambushes. 
The Practical Shinobi Hanwei Paul Chen is all dressed in black, in order to blend in the night: a matt black saya, a black synthetic rey skin tsuka, with a black synthetic leather ito, and assembly parts in aged black iron finish.


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Features :

Black synthetic rey skin tsuka with a black synthetic leather ito and a golden menuki.

The tusba (guard), made of black metal, is square. It allowed the weapon to be pressed against a wall, and thus used as a step.
The ornate tsuba displays the kuji-kiri (energy-channeling hand positions) employed by the mystical ninja.

The saya is made of wood with a flat black colour. It is pointed, to sink slightly into the ground, and thus remain stable when used as a step.
The sageo is black with 2 demon-head bindings.

The blade is 1566 high carbon steel , forged and differentially hardened : HRC60 edge and HRC40 back.

Length :

  • overall : 34 1/2"
  • blade (Nagasa) : 22 3/4"
  • handle (Tsuka) : 10 1/4"

Blade width :

  • guard (Moto-haba) : 1.14"
  • tip (Saki-haba) : 0.83"

Blade thickness :

  • guard (Moto-gasane) : 0.27"
  • tip (Saki-gasane) : 0.18"

Weight : 1.98 Lbs

Delivered with a protective cover

D category weapon (free sale over 18 years old)
Martial Arts