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HANWEI PAUL CHEN - Practical Tanto

Reference : M112

Shorter and less curved than the katana or the wakizashi, the tanto is closer to a dagger, very disreet, that samuraïs were holding at the belt. 

Manufactured byt Paul Chen, tha practical tanto is 12" leong, and has a black lacquer saya (sheath).
It is the third saber of the Practical serie, with the Katana and Wakizashi.


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Features :

Blade steel 1566 high carbon, forged and differentially hardened : HRC60 edge and HRC40 back.

Length :

  • overall : 12"
  • blade (Nagasa) : 7"
  • handle (Tsuka) : 4"

Blade width :

  • guard (Moto-haba) : 0.98""

Blade thickness :

  • guard (Moto-gasane) : 0.22"

Weight : 6 oz

The Practical Katana (M110) and Wakizashi (M111) match the tanto to provide a great set.

D category weapon (free sale over 18 years old)
Martial Arts