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Anti aggressive animals BWB self defense spray

Reference : E031-25

Self defense spray with reinforced Capsicum formla, especially made to repulse and neutraliza dogs and aggressive animals. Also efficient against persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  

Available in 3 different sizes : 25 ml, 50 ml or 100 ml


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Especially designed against dogs and aggressive animals, the self defense sprays BWB have a pepper gel formula, reinforced with active ingredient (oleoresin capsicum and red pepper).

Incapacitatgin, neutralizing and repulsive, the BWB spray induces immediate burns of the repiratory tract, and irritation of the mucous membranes, anihilating the olfactive sens of the animal, preventing it to continue its attack.

Its powerful stream is efficient up to 6-8 meters for the 100 ml

Versions : 

The BWB spray is available in 3 different sizes / volumes :

  • 25 ml : 11.4 cm with belt clip

  • 50 ml : 11.5 cm with valve cover

  • 100 ml : 16.5 cm, with handle (extinctor style)
Device format
Max range
8 m
25 ml
50 ml
100 ml
D category equipment (free sale over 18 years old)
Bombe lacrymogène