Red dot sights

Essential for shooting in the dark, the red dot sight increases your accuracy and helps you hit the target by projecting a reticle (red dot) in front of your eye. Mainly used for recreational shooting, paintball and shooting sports, it is ideal for shooting at a distant and moving target. When the shooter uses it, he retains a panoramic view of the environment. While aiming and shooting, he can keep both eyes open.

The red dot sights are mounted on rails and can be chosen according to your weapon: pellet rifle, pellet pistol. Discover our different models and find the sight that meets all your needs.

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Choosing a red dot for a pellet rifle

• Most of the time, the red dot is equipped with a mount that allows it to be attached directly to the barrel of a rifle equipped with a Picatinny or Weaver rail. If the weapon is not equipped with one, it will be necessary to add it before being able to slip the red dot on it or to move towards a red dot with a modular base.

• If you have to shoot at long distances, look for a 2 Minute Of Angle reticle. MOA is the unit of measurement for the size of the red dot: the further away the target, the larger the MOA should be.

• Regarding the size of the sight, the larger it is, the greater the brightness and the clearer the field of vision.

• Another point to take into account is the autonomy of the viewfinder. If it runs out of power, it can fail you in the middle of a shooting session. Learn more about the red dot for rifles