HIGONOKAMI knife - HIGO BK - San Mai blade

Reference : N302

Simplicity and efficiency combined in a knife, here is the story of the japanese Higonokami. Created in the 1896 years, during the industrial revolution, il is composed of a "sandwich" blade : 1 hard steel blade between 2 softer blades, giving it a stron edge and strenght. Its handle is a simple metal sheet, folded and engraved.


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Traditional Japanese knife with a San-mai steel blade :  a harder sharpened blade is serrated between 2 softer steel blades

Piemontais closing system : the blade is extended with an excrescence, that leans on the back of the handle when open

Handle fromed with a metal sheet folded and engraved

Black finish

Available in 2 different sizes :

  • BKS (small) : overall length 160 mm, blade 67 mm, weight 40g


  • BKL (large) : overall length 212 mm, blade 94 mm, weight 70g

D category weapon (free sale over 18 years old)