The calibre

The caliber of the rifle refers to two things: the diameter of the barrel and the diameter of the ammunition used to load the weapon. At Jean Pierre Fusil, we offer two of them: the 4.5 and 5.5 mm.

target and ammunition

The 4.5 mm calibre

4.5 mm calibre lead is the most widespread in France. It is used to load 4.5 mm rifles, pistols and revolvers. It is perfect for leisure or precision shooting. Its weight is generally between 0.45 and 0.8 grams. Available in various shapes and materials, the seals of this calibre are sold at a very affordable price.

The three ranges of 4.5 mm seals

• The classic lead shot that is used for recreational shooting. These weigh on average 0.50 grams and are less expensive than the others. They are characterized by their flat or pointed head and their striped skirt. They are suitable for shooters who want to train on cardboard boxes, cans and moving targets.

• The shooter school shots are specially designed and worked for sports and competition shooting. These are better quality seals, better finished and therefore more expensive. They are suitable for people registered in shooting clubs who use a competitive weapon.

• The heavier weights, which can reach 1.2 grams, are used to load rifles over 15 joules. Thanks to their weight, they penetrate the target more easily without being propelled more lawfully.

The 5.5 mm calibre

The 5.5 mm is used in England. Its diameter being larger than the 4.5 millimetres, its range is a little larger.