Pellet guns

At the Jean Pierre Fusil gun shop, we offer several types of pellet guns for recreational shooting. Whether they are short or long barrelled, these weapons are available for free sale up to 20 joules. Beyond this power, they are considered dangerous and require various documents to be purchased.

pellet rifle

The ranking 

Pellet guns under 20 joules are classified as category D / those above 20 joules as category C. Powerful pellet guns are for experienced shooters who know how to handle them. You must therefore present these documents to buy them :
- identity card
- proof of residence less than 3 months old and
- shooting licence or hunting permit.

How pellet guns work

Pistols, revolvers and rifles are powered by compressed air or a CO2 cylinder. Compressed air models must be reloaded between shots. Bursts of fire are therefore impossible. The CO2 models are semi-automatic and allow several shots in a row until the magazine is empty. The CO2 cylinder must be changed when it is empty.

Pellet rifles can also be operated with pre-compressed air. This air is stored in a chamber under the barrel. It is introduced by means of a compressor, a scuba tank or a hand pump. PCP rifles are also semi-automatic and can fire in bursts until the magazine is empty.

L’utilisation des armes à plomb

Even though they are non-lethal, pellet guns should be used with care. Firstly, if you are a novice, it is advisable to talk to an experienced shooter or take a course to learn the basics. As far as the shooting area is concerned, it is best to go to a recreational or sports shooting club. The area is designed for this type of activity. If you want to train elsewhere, secure the area and make sure no one can be hit by a pellet.


Pellet guns can be replicas of existing firearms or new models. The Umarex Beretta 92 and Remington 1911 pellet guns are replicas of the models of the same name (Colt M1911) for the latter. The Black Ops rifle, on the other hand, is a tribute to the Call of Duty action game licence.

Brands available in the gun shop

The Spanish brand Gamo is the most represented among rifles. Next in line are the manufacturers Crosman, Umarex and Stoeger. In handguns, the Danish brand ASG (Action Sport Games) is the most numerous. Umarex, Walther and Sig Sauer pellet pistols and revolvers are also available.