The armament

The arming of the pellet rifle is divided into two stages: compression of the gas or air and placement of the lead. Each of these steps can be manual or automatic.

homme tirant a la carabine a plomb

Air compression

Compressed air rifle

The air rifle is very easy to use. Its arming process consists in compressing a piston in a compression chamber (also called a "cylinder").

Plumb rifle with arming lever and rifle by breaking the barrel

In most cases, simply lowering the rifle barrel is enough to arm the piston. When it is a pellet rifle with an arming lever, simply operate the arming lever on the side of the weapon. Once this operation is completed, the lead can be inserted into the barrel chamber. When the shooter pulls the trigger, he releases the piston that was held by the trigger. The movement of the piston compresses the air in the cylinder and propels the lead out.

With the pellet rifle with lateral arming lever and by breaking the barrel, the arming is necessarily renewed between each shot.

pellet rifle by breaking the barrel

Rifle by breaking the barrel

pellet rifle with arming lever

Plumb rifle with arming lever

Rifle C02

Similar to compressed air, C02 is a carbon dioxide that is stored in cartridges. To be able to shoot, the cartridge will first hit the piercing spout of the weapon. It will then release its gas and propel the lead. The CO2 cartridge is placed in the stock or magazine of the rifle. The fact of not having to compress the air yourself makes it possible to fire in a burst on certain models (between 20 and more than 100 shots depending on the rifle and the size of the cartridge).

Most CO2 cylinders weigh only about 12 grams and do not interfere with the handling of the weapon. They allow you to fire 60 shots in a row, knowing that from 40 shots onwards the accuracy decreases. Once it is empty, it must be changed. However, since the barrel contains only 8 or 10 lead, the rifle will have to be recharged several times before the CO2 cartridge is empty.

CO2 pellet rifle with cylinder in the butt

Bottle compartment in the stock

CO2 lead rifle with cylinder in the charger

Bottle compartment in the loader

Pre-compressed air rifle

The PCP rifle is powered by air that has previously been compressed using a high-pressure compressor, scuba tank or hand pump (similar to a bicycle pump). The precompressed air is stored in a chamber under the gun barrel. This type of armament also allows for continuous firing. The number of strokes depends on the capacity of the tank.

Weapons are renewed between each firing.

Pre-compressed air recharging mechanism

Pre-compressed air recharging mechanism

Equipment to recharge the PCP rifle

Equipment to recharge the PCP rifle

Lead placement

The lead can be placed either manually between each shot or automatically using a charger. Compressed air rifles are equipped with a manual charger while CO2 and PCP rifles are equipped with an automatic charger.