The power

The power of a pellet rifle is defined in joules, it ranges from 7.5 joules to more than 50 joules. As shown in the table below, distances range from less than 10 metres to about 50 metres.

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To choose the right power, you must first pay attention to three main points: the distance of projection of the lead, the user and the legislation of the pellet gun.

How far do you want to shoot with the pellet gun?

Available in many powers, the rifle allows you to aim at targets placed over short or long distances. The more powerful the model, the more accurate it will be and the more lead will be propelled away. 

Rifle power

Shooting distance

7.5 joules

up to 10 meters

- of 10 joules

between 15 and 18 meters

- of 20 joules

up to 30 meters

20 joules and more

up to 50 meters

Who is the rifle for?

Rifles 10 joules and under are mainly suitable for children. While they can be dangerous for certain organs such as the eyes, they represent relatively few risks.

• Rifles between 10 and 20 joules can reach targets at about 18 meters. They are ideal for beginners and responsible children wishing to discover shooting.

Rifles larger than 20 joules are intended for experienced shooters who wish to maintain or refine their shooting accuracy over long distances (up to 50 meters). The 20 joules plumb rifles and more require a valid hunting licence or shooting permit.

Tip: If you buy a powerful rifle and have children at home, consider a trigger guard lock. This accessory allows the trigger to be locked, rendering the weapon unusable.

Do you have a shooting licence or hunting permit?

• As a category D weapon, the rifle under 20 joules and over-the-counter for those over 18 years of age. Only a valid identity card is required to obtain it.  

• Categorized as a category C weapon, a rifle over 20 joules requires several documents to be purchased: proof of residence of less than three months, valid identity document, shooting licence or hunting licence.

By answering these three questions, you should be able to orient yourself towards this or that model.

To go even further on the subject, we suggest other points.

Is it possible to increase the power of the pellet gun?

Kits specially designed to develop the power of the rifle are available on some online gun shops. Chosen according to the model of your firearm, a pellet gun power kit usually includes a spring or piston to be mounted yourself. This procedure must normally be carried out by a qualified gunsmith, we do not propose any at Jean Pierre Fusil. In addition to that, it is also much more complicated to control a user's documents remotely (e.g.: person wishing to change the power of his rifle to more than 20 joules). 

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