Rifles that are cult in the cinema

Incontrollable action films, the pellet gun is a weapon used by gangsters and vigilantes. Also appreciated by cowboys, she appeared on John Wayne's arm in several westerns in the 60s and 70s. More recently, she has been featured in the American comedy "La Nuit au musée" where she was associated with Roosevelt's incredible character! Also present in many video games, the pellet rifle is part of the panoply of soldiers, thugs, bounty hunters or biathlonists.

The rifle goes from large to small screen

Independable, it is considered one of the favorite weapons of French and international directors. In the 1950s, the American Richard Thorpe made a film entitled "The Man with a Rifle". Tracing the story of David Marshall Williams who accidentally killed a police officer, this film is in fact a biography of a man with an exceptional destiny. Imprisoned for this accident, David succeeded in making a revolutionary rifle prototype in his cell. With the help of his wife, he was granted a reduced sentence and then early release. The Winchester firm contacted him, hired him and marketed his invention: the M1 rifle.

Also appeared in a multitude of TV series, the lead rifle moves from large to small screen. Recently, she has been found on John Shelby's arm in Peaky Blinders, Rust Cohle in True Detective or Rodrigo Santoro in Westworld.

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