American Fist Guides

This guide will help you choose your American fist. Follow our tips and learn everything you need to know about this effective weapon of defense. Used to amplify the blows while protecting the hand, the American fist is part of the weapons of category D. Appear in France during the First World War, it was then associated with a dagger. Originally made of lead, this material was quickly abandoned and replaced by steel. Indeed, following prolonged contact with perspiration and water, lead caused a very serious intoxication in soldiers called lead poisoning. Reported to the United States by Asian immigration in the early nineteenth century, the American fist was used as a street weapon. Adopted in the ghettos, he served for attack and defense. Today it is made of steel, metal, bronze or titanium, and the American fist can also be decorated with different motifs. Certain models can also be integrated into accessories: keychains, belts, bottle openers ... Permitted for sale for persons over 18 years of age, however, it is forbidden to carry and carry the American fist without a legitimate reason.

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