How to choose your lead rifle accessories?

Available in many models, the accessories are compatible with the different rifles and meet all the needs of the users. They include optics, fixtures, latches, bipods, sound moderators, carrying cases, covers and cleaning products.


The bezel is indispensable to improve the precision of the shot. Offered in different models, it is chosen according to the rifle to equip, the desired magnification and the desired firing distance. It is mounted on a suitable rail. The red point finder projects a light spot in front of the eye of the shooter. Allowing to aim more quickly while remaining focused on the target, it replaces the handlebars and the rise by a single point.

Sound Moderators

Sometimes built-in, the muffler reduces noise during shooting. Placed on the barrel of the shotgun, it takes the form of a cylindrical tube. It makes it impossible to distinguish the type of weapon used and determine the firing point.

accessories shotgun

The trigger locks

Ideal for securing the rifle at home or during transport, the trigger lock is simply placed on the trigger guard. True mechanical device, it locks by a key or a combination.

Protective covers for leaded rifle

Compulsory to transport the rifle, the cover can take the form of a briefcase or a sheath. Padded, it is ideal to limit shocks and prevent the weapon from spoiling. Sober, it also allows to move the air rifle in discretion.