How to choose his lead rifle?

Before buying his shotgun, it is necessary to determine his needs. Depending on its use, it requires specific characteristics.

Three operating systems

- The air rifle is very easy to use. Its method of cocking consists in compressing a piston in a compression chamber (also called "cylinder"). To arm the piston, it is sufficient to lower the barrel of the rifle downwards or to actuate the cocking lever placed on the side of the weapon. Once this has been done, the lead can be inserted into the barrel chamber. When the sniper presses the trigger, it releases the piston which has been held by the trigger. The movement of the piston compresses the air in the cylinder and propels the lead to the outside.

Simple and robust, the compressed air system is equipped with many rifles up to 30 joules maximum. Some models are made of a jack and use the Nitropiston system. Thanks to the fluidity of operation of the cylinder, the noise and the vibrations are attenuated.


- The pre-compressed air rifle operates as its name suggests with air that has previously been compressed with a marine compressor (used to refill dive cylinders) or a hand pump ( resembling a bicycle pump). The precompressed air is stored in a cylinder often placed under the barrel of the weapon.

This system is ideal for making rifles with a power of more than 125 joules. It allows the propulsion of large-diameter pellets over distances of up to 100 meters. During shooting, it also attenuates vibration and noise.

- Similar to compressed air, CO2 is a carbon dioxide gas that is stored in cartridges. To be able to pull, the cartridge will first collide against the drill bit of the weapon. It will then release its gas and propel the lead.

Widespread in the world of shotguns and airsoft, this system eliminates vibrations. It is particularly appreciated by fans of competitive shooting.

Two calibres of lead carbine at Jean Pierre Fusil

- The 4.5 mm caliber lead is the most used in France. More effective on small distances, it nevertheless allows to make shots of up to 25/30 meters. It is perfect for practicing shooting of leisure or precision. Mainly used for rifles ranging from 7.5 to 23 joules, it is appreciated for its lightness. Its weight is generally between 0.45 and 0.8 gram. Available in many shapes and materials, lead sizes of this caliber are sold at a very affordable price. A box of 500 entry-level pellets costs about 3 euros.

- The lead of caliber 5.5 millimeters is very powerful. Used primarily for precompressed air rifles with power ranging from 30 to more than 50 joules, it allows shots ranging from 50 to 100 meters. Providing excellent stability, its weight is generally between 0.870 and 1.645 grams.


Indispensable to improve the precision of the shot, the bezel can be directly integrated on the weapon or added in addition.

rifle with bezel

- The 4x32 bezel is ideal to equip rifles with 10 joules.

- The glasses from 3-9x40 to 4-12x40 correspond perfectly to models ranging from 20 to 30 joules. These air rifles produce a lot of vibrations. Strength is therefore an element not to be neglected when choosing the bezel.

- 4-12x40 glasses and more are recommended to accessorize rifles of 40 joules and more.


A good cheap shotgun, does this really exist?