The rifle has leaded 500 joules

On the Jean Pierre Fusil online armoury, we offer rifles with a maximum power of 40 joules. You will therefore not find rifles of 500, 300 or even 100 joules. Such a powerful leisure weapon can only cause damage if used by an unqualified person.

In France, you will be able to find a few rifles with a maximum of 100 joules. These models operate with pre-compressed air and allow you to fire in bursts. On the other hand, prepare yourself mentally, you might spend some time finding an armoury that offers them.

Reminder : legislation for rifles of 20 joules and over

Rifles over 20 joules are classified as category C weapons. It is necessary to present several valid documents to be able to buy them :
• identity card,
• jproof of residence of less than three months,
• hunting licence or shooting licence.

In France, weapons over 20 joules are considered powerful and dangerous. They are therefore intended for people who know how to handle them.

If you want to buy a rifle and you don't have a licence or hunting permit, you can opt for a rifle under 20 joules. Equally entertaining and considered less dangerous, it can be purchased upon presentation of identification.

Use of the rifle according to its power

The rifle of less than 10 joules is used to discover shooting. It is particularly suitable for children and teenagers who can learn to shoot in the garden or in a shooting club. Its dimensions adapt to their smaller hands. Its low power reduces the recoil when shooting and the effort required when arming.

The rifle of less than 20 joules is intended for adult shooters who are beginning or who wish to improve their shooting skills. It is suitable for training on cardboard targets (precision shooting) or metal targets (precision shooting). The rifle with a maximum of 20 joules can be fired from 15 to 35 metres.

The rifle of more than 20 joules is suitable for experienced shooters. It is used for precision shooting over long distances.

All you need to know about the power of the pellet rifle