Powerful pellet rifle

In France, a pellet rifle of more than 20 joules is considered very powerful and therefore more dangerous. For this reason, beyond this power, the buyer is required to present a valid shooting licence or hunting permit. The shooter who chooses this type of model is experienced and knows the safety rules to apply. Intended for shooting over long distances, the powerful pellet rifle provides the user with more sensations: agility, precision, velocity, etc.


Depending on the model, the powerful rifle can be either 4.5 or 5.5 millimetre calibre. The former is the most common in France and is suitable for shooting up to 30 metres. Beyond this distance, 4.5 mm pellets are much less accurate. The 5.5 mm calibre is used in rifles over 30 joules (although there are still 4.5 mm rifles). Heavier and therefore more stable, even in strong gusts of wind, 5.5 mm pellets are suitable for shooting over long distances (up to 100 metres!). At such distances, it is advisable to mount a scope.


Like a conventional air rifle, the high-powered rifle is usually cocked by muzzle break. The barrel must be lowered between shots in order to fire.

The most powerful models, such as rifles with more than 100 joules, are fired with pre-compressed air. Here there is no need to reload between shots! The pre-compressed air is stored in a chamber and can be fired in bursts until it runs out. To recharge the PCP rifle's storage chamber, the shooter can use a hand pump, a high-pressure compressor and even a scuba tank.

Jean Pierre Fusil models

In the gun shop, we offer you about twenty rifles of more than 20 joules. They are listed in the following categories:

  • 20 joule pellet rifle
  • 30 joules pellet rifle
  • 40 joule pellet rifle

Our most powerful models are 40 joules. You will not find a 500, 300 or even 100 joules pellet rifle at Jean Pierre Fusil or in any other French gun shop. These models are far too dangerous or even non-existent in France.