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Inert replica of rifle Garand M1
  • Inert replica of rifle Garand M1

Inert replica of rifle Garand M1

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Replacing the Springfield M1903, the Garant M1 is the first semi-automatic rifle of the US Army. Patented in 1934, it was manufactured from 1936. Used during the Second World War, it is renowned for its accuracy, its low production cost and its semi-automatic reloading system. Weighing about 4.9 kilograms, it is loaded with a clip of 8 cartridges. Between 1936 and 1945, 4 million of them were produced.


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  • Garand M1 rifle replica

  • Wooden stock

  • Metal body

  • Total length: 110 cm

  • Weight: 3510 g

  • Inert replica gun

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More about the M1 Garand

The M1 Garand rifle is the official rifle of the American army for the D-Day landings and the whole second world war. Mass-produced from 1936 onwards by the Americans, it is a formidable opponent to the Mauser, its main advantage being that it is a semi-automatic rifle capable of firing 8 shots very quickly against a hand-loaded Mauser. Another major advantage is that it is very reliable and effective, combining precision aiming up to 100 metres with low recoil. For the US Army, it is associated with a gag.