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Founded in 1923, the Crosman Arms Company initially specialized in leisure shooting with the production of air guns and their ammunition. Initially manufacturer for other brands, Crosman launched in 1966 its first rifle at very low price: the Pumpmaster 760.

An internationally recognized brand

In 1992, Crosman bought Benjamin Sheridan Corporation, a leading manufacturer of CO2 weapons and paint ball markers. Popular in the United States for its affordable weapons, Crosman made significant inroads into the world market with its 357 revolver, a faithful reproduction of the Colt Python.

A variety of products

We can also mention the C31, C41 and T4 pistols. And also more recently, the Nitropiston pellet rifles which use piston (not spring) propulsion technology. This innovation reduces recoil and vibration when firing.

In recent years, the firm has diversified by producing bows, crossbows, airsoft weapons and optical accessories under the Centerpoint brand name.

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