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"Flip Target" Max Shot .250 - Moving target

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    Impact-resistant moving target
    Lightweight and portable
    Target diameter : 6 cm
    Made with POLEX (high strength polymer)
    Durability over 2.000 shots
    Weight : 0.53 Lbs
    Developed for air rifle calibre 4.5mm (.177)

    powerful >14 Joules
    To shoot from 10m to 30m distance

    Designed to resist, devised for entertainment...

    That is the motto of this new kind of mobile target.
    Made for air guns, with all types of lead pellets, and on all surfaces (including wet, snowy, icy or  irregular floors), this target is a great trainig system, and also a fun game.
    Put your target 10 meters away, aim and shoot. The target rotates around its central axis, and rolls over 15 cm with every hit. A new impact zone stands up, with a different color (you can immediately see your hit, even at distance). As you shoot, the target moves back, so you can shoot at a longer distance without moving.

    For less powerful air guns (<14 Joules), choose the model Cadet Shot.150 (A299)

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, le 04/4/2016
Très amusant mais attention! les plombs rebondissent et vous reviennent dessus de temps en temps.

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