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Pepper gun - WALTHER Personal Defense Pistol - Pink

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  • Category D-2 material - Free sale to + 18 years old

    NOVELTY 2016

    Pepper defense pistol

    Throws pepper solution

    Contents 11 ml cartridge (replacable)

    Range : up to 6m

    Break barrel opening

    Button barrel lock

    Lateral viewport to check presence and nature of a cartrige

    Manual grip safety

    Material : polymer

    Color : pink

    Dimensions :

    Length : 4.92''

    Height :4.72''

    Thickneess :1.18''

    Weight : 0.24 Lbs empty - 0.29 Lbs with a cartridge


    Delivered with a pepper gaz cartridge (11 ml)

    10% Oleoresin Capsicum (2 million SHU)

    Cause strong irritaion of respiratory tracts, mucosal areas and skin


    Also exists in black (E321) and white (E323) finish





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    , le 04/2/2017
    Parfait pour la gente féminine ayant peur des armes

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