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UMAREX Pyro Launcher - Firewoks adapter for blank firing weapons

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54,50 €

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  • Category D-2 material - Free sale to + 18 years old

    Adapter for shooting fireworks with blank firing weapons
    Enables to shoot 5 simultaneous fireworks
    Material : metal
    Red anodized finish
    Deliverd with 3 adapters for threads :
    - M10x1 (C)
    - M9x1 (K)
    - M8x4 (I)

    For fireworks of 0.59'' diameter
    Length : 2.76" (without thread adapter)
    Weight : 0.57 Lbs
    Use only blank firing ammunition

    Blank firing guns compatible with SELF-GOMM adapter :

    E195 - BRUNI P38 noir Cal. 8mm
    E522 - BRUNI Mod. 85 noir Cal. 9mm
    E523 - BRUNI Mod. 85 nickelé Cal. 9mm
    E524 - BRUNI Mod. 92 noir Cal. 9mm
    E525 - BRUNI Mod. 92 nickelé Cal. 9mm
    E196 - BRUNI Mod. P4 noir Cal. 9mm
    E534 - BRUNI Mod. P4 bicolore Cal. 9mm
    E163 - BRUNI Mini GAP noir Cal. 9mm
    E164 - BRUNI GAP noir Cal. 9mm
    E168 - BRUNI OLYMPIC Cal. 9mm

    E151 - KIMAR Lady nickelé Cal. 9mm
    E153 - KIMAR Mod. 85 noir Cal. 9mm
    E154 - KIMAR Mod. 85 nickelé Cal. 9mm
    E156 - KIMAR Mod. 92 noir Cal. 9mm
    E157 - KIMAR Mod. 92 nickelé Cal. 9mm
    E158 - KIMAR CZ 75 noir Cal. 9mm
    E160 - KIMAR 911 noir Cal. 9mm
    E161 - KIMAR 911 nickelé Cal. 9mm
    E174 - KIMAR Kruger noir Cal 9 mm
    E175 - KIMAR Kruger nickelé Cal 9 mm

    E145 - WALTHER PP noir Cal. 9mm
    E162 - UMAREX P22 noir Cal. 9mm
    E165 - UMAREX P22Q noir Cal. 9mm
    E193 - UMAREX P88 noir Cal. 9mm
    E194 - UMAREX P99 noir Cal. 9mm
    E185 - UMAREX Smit&Wesson Chief 36 noir Cal 9mm
    E186 - UMAREX Smith&Weson Chief 36 nick Cal 9mm
    E188 - UMAREX Colt Detective Cal. 9mm
    E801 - UMAREX Colt 1911 Commémoratif Cal. 9mm

    E536 - UMAREX Reck Eagle RG59 Cal 9mm
    E537 - UMAREX Reck Cobra RG89 Cal 9mm
    E538 - UMAREX Reck Panther RG88 Cal 9mm
    E539 - UMAREX Reck Viper CP1 Cal 9mm
    E541 - UMAREX Smith & Wesson Combat Cal. 9mm
    E501 - UMAREX Hammerli P26 Dark Ops Cal. 9mm
    E529 - UMAREX Reck Miami 92F noir Cal. 9mm
    E530 - UMAREX Reck Miami 92F nickelé Cal. 9mm


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Pyro launcher
, le 01/13/2017
prodotto di ottima fattura...

Conforme à mes attentes
, le 12/17/2016
Bonne qualité de fabrication

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